About Me...

headshot_07_web.gif"My caregiving journey began when I could no longer deny that something was terribly wrong with my mother. Right before my eyes an intelligent and articulate woman had turned into a repetitive, paranoid mess.

Over the next 14 years, my family faced one painful challenge after another. We struggled with my mother’s loss of independence, finding the right diagnosis for her condition and ultimately her placement in a care facility.

How I yearned for someone to talk to. Someone to help me sort out what was important. Someone to help me balance caring with the rest of my life.

I never connected with that “someone” but I have made it my life’s work to help other caregivers as the Eldercare Coach.

Today, I “walk the talk” as a long distance and hands on caregiver, dividing my time between my home in San Francisco and my parents’ home in Southern California."

- Janice Wallace, The Eldercare Coach

Learn more about Eldercare Coaching. Listen to a recent radio interview with Janice Wallace.

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