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by Janice Wallace


Hi, My Name is Janice & I'm a Solo Ager

04/06/2012 05:32 PM

What's a solo ager? Someone who doesn't have children.

Most of my coaching so far has been with adult children caring for aging parents. That has been my personal and professional journey for the past 14 years.  More and more, I see the next step of the journey. Caring for partners, spouses, siblings and friends, all the while wondering who will care for me.

It's a tough issue. Having been a caregiver myself, I know how much it is to ask. Right now, trying to identify who to ask is stopping my husband and I from updating our health care directives. Of course we can appoint each other and we will, but who will form the next layer of support?

Are you worried about this issue too?  Have you found a way to solve it? What steps are you taking to address solo aging?  Let's pool our resources and come up with some ideas.  I'd love to hear from you.

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